October 2021 Flying Stars (October 8-November 6)

October brings us either double joy or double trouble. Each of the nine sectors of the Luo Shu Grid will have the same annual and monthly Flying Star numbers.

This Earth Dog month will bid farewell to our Autumn season with Winter waiting in the wings.

The Dog is known as an Earth Metal animal, it is one of the storage (also known as graveyard) animals of the zodiac. As well as having earth and metal influence the Dog also stores fire. So will it bring a bark worse than its bite or will Yang Earth of the month make it stubborn, refusing to move its stance.

Earth animals are generally nurturing and caring. They are supportive of those around them but may have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings. They are not fans of change.

Our Dog has its home in Northwest 1. The northwest in October will be a strong metal area with the double 7 metal moving into a strong metal sector.

There is always the chance of too much of a good thing, so even if you need metal this sector might just be too overwhelming this month.

With its inherent nature our Dog could well benefit from the double 7 this month. This pair could give it the confidence to speak out and persuade others to its way of thinking.

The Earth Dog has a clash relationship with another Yang Earth animal, the Dragon, which resides in Southeast 1.

If you are Dragon born and have Dog anywhere in your birth chart be aware of this throughout the month

Dragon days in October – 11th, 23rd and November 4
Dog days in October – 17th, 29th

The first day of October is the 8th, a Yin Earth Ox day. Not an auspicious day for undertaking anything of significance. Minor matters can be dealt with but nothing more.

With all this earth around you might think it will be strong. However remember that earth creates metal (very slowly) so metal has its final month in the limelight before water takes over as the dominant element in November. Wood will slowly begin to awaken while fire is almost at its lowest ebb.

October – End of Autumn Season 2021

Yang Earth Dog Month

Dog and Dragon have a clash relationship.

Dog, Horse and Tiger create a fire frame. They have to appear in your chart or as annual/monthly visitors. Positive if your Day Master is supported by fire.
Remember earth animals are supported by the fire element so Earth Day Masters may be able to benefit from this.

Dog shares a positive relationship with Rabbit.

Dog has a destructive relationship with Goat (SW1) Goats should be aware of this so if you feel under pressure take a step back before taking any action.

A bullying relationship is created when the Dog, Ox and Goat are side by side in your Birth Chart. This can be overcome by not making any rash moves. Think hard first before making promises, or giving something to someone that may result in you losing out.

Dog hour is 19.00-20.59.

Luo Shu Grid October 2021

There is a Sum of Ten combination in southeast this month. Great you might think! However this is double 5. This can be controlled to some degree by the inherent wood of this location, however avoidance is the best cure for this pair. This is a month to stay in the good books of everyone around you. Don’t make enemies or you could suffer severe negative consequences.

What does our October chart show?

Double 1
Nothing bad here. Use the south to work on your plans. You can benefit from all the positive things Star 1 can offer. Health, wealth, wisdom, intelligence and better relationships both at work and home. The only thing to be a little wary of is the possibility of indecision on your part. Prepare your work, check every aspect carefully and then move forward.

Double 3
This double can create aggression and anger if you are spending too much time here this month. On the flip side it can, under certain conditions, bring you positive feelings and excitement due to changes occurring in your circumstances. Be sure of one thing, things can work out for you just not necessarily in the way you thought they would.

Double 8
Wow. Great right? Yes, to a degree. Remember 8 is a Yang Earth Star and Yang Earth is not known to move quickly. You can progress and make money however the pace of progress may well be slow. There will be opportunities opening up for you and maybe in an area you had not previously considered. If so, take a chance, take a leap of faith and you can see wealth and good fortune coming your way.

North West
Double 7
In the location of both Dog and Pig the northwest will benefit all of you who have to communicate your message to others. If you are looking to expand your network, find like minded people to work with you or seeking clients for your business, this is the area to focus on. Just remember you will have to work for it. Sit back, wait and nothing will happen, be proactive and make your presence known.

Double 2
If you have positive external forms in the north this pair could bring you indirect wealth from assets or investments. You will have to practice patience and not expect things to happen immediately. If you are investing make sure you look carefully at all your options before making a decision otherwise it could all go wrong. Take advice from others. Being in the north, earth and water do not co-exist harmoniously. Even though earth is now hard it can still bring the possibility of illness if you are not careful.

North East
Double 9
The double star of future prosperity brings fire to an earth location. It makes the unseen, seen. Be aware that this can include making your failings visible to others. Be very careful and ensure you do not let others see what you don’t know. A good combination for the creative among you. Just be aware. You could well benefit from meditation and other spiritual practices in this location during October.

Double 4
The east is a good area for anyone seeking knowledge this month. However, remember to make use of what you learn. Learning without taking action is useless. Make use of your learning, put that knowledge into action and you can achieve your goals. Be confident and positive in your approach.

South East
Double 5
Just to reiterate…this is double 5. Yes, sum of ten usually means a positive outcome however with the double 5 this does not have the same end result. As always this year it is better to avoid the southeast if at all possible. If not then ensure you stay on the good side of the important people around you. Upsetting someone and making them turn against you as a result will not benefit you in the short or long term. Stay humble and be prepared to listen to advice, that way you can avoid serious negative outcomes.

Central Palace
Double 6
Double 6 represents two leaders, two people at the top locking horns, and that can potentially lead to a battle for supremacy in the workplace. As an individual you should stay focused on your goal to lead you towards success. Avoid trying to gain an advantage over others, be considerate otherwise you may find someone moving in to spoil your plans.

• to check the external environment for each of these sectors
• your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations.
The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this.

If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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