March 2021 Flying Stars (March 5-April 3)

March is the month we will officially move from winter into spring as we pass the Spring Equinox on March 20 at 05.37 a.m. Days will be longer and warmer. If you are winter-phobic you will be happy to see these changes occurring.

This is the mid point of the spring season with Rabbit taking centre stage.

March brings us Yin Metal Rabbit. The first day of the month is March 5 a Yang Water Rat day and not the time to conduct anything of significance in your life.

This is the month when wood is at its most potent with fire strengthening. Water is weak and metal is still trapped. With fire strengthening the earth will slowly begin to warm and dry after the winter months.

March – Second Month of Spring 2021

Rabbit is one of the pure bred cardinal animals of the zodiac and wood is the only element it holds. Its companion is Dog (metal earth) and its clash animal is Rooster (yin metal), another pure bred.

Dogs may find things easier this month. Roosters take note, you could see changes occurring in your life. This could be a good thing so don’t automatically assume change is bad.

If Rabbit is your Peach Blossom animal you may find friendships and love relationships waiting in the wings. Remember Peach Blossom signifies relationships in all their forms so if you are seeking partners for your business endeavours for example, and Rabbit is your Peach Blossom animal, you may find them this month.

Rabbit hour is 05.00-06.59 a.m.

Luo Shu Grid March 2021

There is an obvious Sum of Ten combination residing in the central palace this month. It combines knowledge with leadership. Good if you have an open plan layout at home or at work, not something you can take advantage of if your central palace is locked up or suppressed in any way.

Less obvious Sum of Ten combinations (base star with monthly star) are in the north and south. Both are 1 water and 9 fire stars which together signify collaboration, partnerships and sharing of knowledge.


Annual 5 with 3 monthly. So you know to be wary of the southeast in 2021 with 5 Yellow in residence, right? The arrival of 3 star of disagreements could cause financial issues and power disputes when others are involved. As an individual with focus however it is possible to use your own initiative to get things done. Just a warning, unless you are prepared to take the negative consequences it is still better to avoid this area.
Annual 7 and Monthly 5 Yellow join forces during March. Unhealthy eating habits can result in ill health because of this combination. This is not the time to take chances with your wellbeing so avoid the area if possible. Despondency and sadness can also manifest. Illness and low morale are not an ideal combination under our present circumstances so prevention is better than cure.

Where You Can Go – With Care…

Annual 2 with 9 Monthly can bring both positive and negative outcomes. The positives are celebrations and happy gatherings as well as the chance of Indirect Wealth coming your way. Indirect Wealth can appear in the form of property gains or asset accumulation. The negatives can be issues relating to the eyes. Be aware of this aspect of the combination. If you have issues with your eyesight do something about it straight away. Another positive factor is the 9 monthly combining with 1 base star to create a Sum of Ten. This is related to money making through partnerships or collaboration with other like minded people.
Annual 9 welcomes 7 monthly. This is a good pairing for combining with other people to invite contracts, relationships and new partners. The flip side is it can bring out your flirtatious nature making you attractive to the opposite sex. Great if you are single, not so good if you are already in a permanent relationship. There will be challenges to resolve in your working life but staying focused and flexible will help you overcome difficulties. Doing this will bring success in the long run.
Annual 4 joins 2 monthly star of illness. This is a conflicting relationship which could see disputes arise between women, perhaps mother and daughter or older female boss and female subordinates. Rather than creating a negative situation it might be better for you to keep your head down and focus on your projects, this way you are ready to move in a positive direction when the opportunity presents itself.

Where You Can Go…
Annual 1 and monthly 8 join forces to bring a great combination to the south. In addition the annual 1 and 9 base star create a Sum of Ten. As you can see the south is the right sector to work from in March. While 1 water and 8 earth are conflicting energies, water needs this earth to find focus. There could be difficulties manifesting because of these two however the Sum of Ten will go some way to ironing out any problems that may occur. Stay firmly focused on your targets, do your due diligence prior to taking any action and you can succeed in your endeavours. Work with like minded people to help you ultimately reach your goals.
Annual 3 and 1 monthly join forces in the southwest in March. While this is an harmonious combination (water feeds wood) it can create aggressive behaviour. Keep the end result you want to see in mind and you can achieve success. Just something to remember for Gua 2, Goat or Monkey born, the base star is 2 combined with 3 annual star can create conflict and possible illness. If you can, it would benefit you to avoid this area and sidestep the chances of this occurring.
Annual 8 joins with 6 monthly to produce a great combination for anyone in a position of power. 6 represents the head of a company, or the head of a household and 8 is the prominent wealth star. For individuals your plans, ideas and projects can all come to fruition as long as you are practical and do not overstretch your targets. Keep them realistic and achievable rather than beyond your present capabilities.

Remember to check the external environment for each of these sectors.

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this. If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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