OCTOBER 2023 (October 8-November 7)

We are moving into the transitional period between Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Our Dog has Metal Earth as its inherent elements and these are joined by Yang Water in October. So Earth controls Water in the Five Element theory. Not good huh? Well, Earth is no longer at its peak, it is weakening and, following the harvest, hardening in preparation for the onset of winter. Metal is now passing its peak. Water in contrast is strengthening. Hard Earth + Water (strengthened by Metal) creates strong Water. Water and Fire could clash this month.

As Dog takes centre stage he teams up with Horse and Tiger. These 3 combine to create the element of fire.* (aka Month (Dog)), Day (11Tiger; 15Horse; 23Tiger; 27Horse; 4 November-Tiger) (Hour 03.00-04.59-Tiger; 11.00-12.59-Horse). If you have any of these animals in your birth chart (year, month, day or hour) you may be able to take advantage of the positive aspect of fire (especially if you are located in the East this month).

*Being one of the storage animals, Dog has both metal and earth elements. He also stores fire within).

Dog has a positive relationship with Rabbit, animal of the year, so those of you with Rabbit (Days; 12 and 24 October, 5 November), (Hours; 05.0006.59) in your birth chart can benefit. Use the East if you can.

Dog cannot agree with all the other animals. Those of you with Dragon in your birth chart for example may find difficulties occurring this month.

Whatever palace you use remember not to face Northwest 1 (Dog 292.6-307.5 degrees).

Hey, whatever the animal, do not face NW1. You will aggravate the Dog, and let’s be honest, he can become aggressive when annoyed. Even best friends have disputes sometimes!

October has some great star combinations with only the West (6 / 2) and North (9 / 5) more of an issue.

All He Tu combinations are present:

4 / 9 Centre (Metal)

In the final month of metal this pair is strong and can help you with your financial strategies. Use the central palace this month to network and possibly create joint ventures. Look for strong supportive allies to progress. They are there for you.

3 / 8 Southeast (Wood)

This combination is great for those particularly in the academic, sports and performing arts arenas. Focus on your ambitions and plans without becoming overly emotional. Stand your ground and success can be yours for the taking.

2 / 7 East (Fire)

In this Yang Wood month the fire element is strengthened. Passion, optimism and positive energy can be yours. This will not be the time for lofty goals but modest success is there for you. Avoid arguments, think before you speak and no gossiping.

1 / 6 Southwest (Water)

This is a combination that allows you to focus and make positive things happen. Now is a good time to lay solid foundations for the future. Be persistent and you can create positive outcomes.

Sum of Ten is present:

7 / 3 Northeast

Good for finances, networking. Choose your network carefully to take full advantage of this combination.

Best of the Rest::

8 / 4 South

Stay focused on your goals to reap the benefit of 8 White Star. 4 Green Star can help you plan your strategy.

5 / 1 Northwest

While challenges and negative thinking will manifest with 5 Yellow Star, you can take advantage of 1 White Star. Use resources at your disposal and overcome any difficulties to succeed. Focus on your goals and you can progress.

For completion:

6 / 2 West

This combination is Heaven (6) and Earth (2). Particularly suitable for the spiritual minded amongst you. For the non-spiritual, luck will be on your side allowing you to make calm and steady progress towards your dreams.

9 / 5 North

Because there is a unique relationship between earth and fire the monthly 5 Yellow will strengthen the 9 Purple Star too much. Ultimately this could result in excessive behaviour. As the 9 Fire Star represents happiness and socialising among other things this combination can lead to excess (out too late, drinking too much). To avoid falling into negative habits you are sure to regret later, the North is an area to be wary of this month.

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